The Essence of Ideas

Matter, is a question of design. A question of real, visible design. The essence of ideas. The essence. The veining. The smell. Wood is a living matter, extremely precious, and gives itself to the human being in the name of an abstract pureness. Respected, celebrated and described through design. A story of matter and measure. Design according to Cantarutti.

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2024

Cantarutti will be present at Clerkenwell Design Week, 21-23 May 2024.

HD Expo + Conference 2024

Cantarutti is pleased to announce its presence at HD Expo + Conference 2024.

Workspace Expo

Cantarutti is pleased to announce its presence at Workspace Expo 2024.


The sense of creating. The importance of artisan skill and technique, in synergy with the most advanced technological innovation, the partnership of tradition and development. The beauty of creating. The charm of an idea that chases an image, the natural transformation from design through to the model.

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Cantarutti Projects: La Finca by Susi Díaz
Cantarutti Projects: Aethos Ericeira
We Make

The quality cannot be separated from a perfect construction, from an accurate selection of materials and from a careful attention to the finishes. For us, the design of a chair is the project of a meeting, of a relationship. Because that object will be part of someone’s life daily. We like to think about our chairs used by people. Expression of a design idea addressed to the individual, aesthetically attractive, functionally welcoming, participating in a moment, a meeting, an exchange. Because the chair object is borne from the relationship and is expressed in the relationship. And we create it thinking about this.