Each of us are the story we have lived, the values we believe, the accumulation of skills and experience over time. This applies to the individual and also to the company. People united by a common vision and enthusiasm. We are the essence of our ideas.


Our story is the result of an evolution that began in 1970, in the market producing wooden seats and furniture for export all over the world. We continue the story with the younger generations of the family, who develop our focus on the craftsmanship, construction and creative elements. The passion for the project prevails and in the 2000s the transformation begins. Towards the goal of giving shape to our own ideas, to convey a personal vision of design, our conception of a seat. With an uncommon, avant-garde and professional experience and an authentic love for the product. A new independent plant, which encompasses the commitment of a family who appreciate wood and design. Cantarutti becomes a brand. Designing and manufacturing design chairs, exporting them all over the world. Past and present combine to draw the future of a new name.

Since the very beginning wood has been our element. We work with respect for the environment and use only wood from environmentally managed FSC® (Licence Code FSC-C130903) and PEFC certified forests.

FSC® (Licence Code FSC-C130903) Certification
PEFC Certification
ISO 9001:2015 Certification
ISO 14001:2015 Certification

Technical informations
All our chairs are CATAS certified for safety, strength and durability, while the models are registered with an ornamental patent, which protects the designs against copies and counterfeits.

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Made in Italy

Our chairs are made in Italy and the whole production process – prototyping, processing, assembly, staining, polishing and upholstery – takes place in our Factory. We have invested in cutting-edge machinery and internalised a series of operations to have greater control over the product and to be able to offer our customers an additional guarantee of quality. Thousands of unfinished pieces are always available in our warehouse, ready to be processed and customised according to requirements.


The chair is an indispensable object, and often almost obvious. But there are chairs and chairs. The construction of a shell, the solidity of the legs, the quality of the material are not variable factors. The quality cannot be separated from a perfect construction, from an accurate selection of materials and from a careful attention to the finishes. For us, the design of a chair is the project of a meeting, of a relationship. Because that object will be part of someone’s life daily. We like to think about our chairs used by people. Expression of a design idea addressed to the individual, aesthetically attractive, functionally welcoming, participating in a moment, a meeting, an exchange. Because the chair object is borne from the relationship and is expressed in the relationship. And we create it thinking about this.

Our values

The supply chain, from design to production, is controlled and implemented within our factory. The passion, in respecting rules and people, in designing new ideas, in enhancing the best raw material. The enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism inherent in Italian design and quality production.

Our philosophy

The sense of doing. The importance of artisan professionalism, in synergy with the most advanced technological innovation, partnership of tradition and development. The beauty of doing. The charm of an idea that chases an image and that naturally transforms from a design into a model.


We make design products. With care, quality and innovation. Inspired by light and nature, from which the most important raw material we work comes from. The carefully selected wood, with the scent and grain of the best essences. And then metal, customised in any colour. We conceive the production of a chair like that of a dress, with a tailoring workshop dedicated specifically to the upholstery. We like to do things well, always.


A large part of the production process takes place in the factory, thanks to the expertise of the internal prototyping department, which supports the design and the subsequent production phase. The creative project becomes a prototype and is subjected to CATAS durability and strength tests. Subsequently, large-scale processing is entrusted to the latest generation of numerical control machines, the product is then transferred to the assembly department and, once complete, is finally placed in the warehouse.

The warehouse

Listed and ordered as an immense library, with wooden-scented aisles, thousands of raw stage chairs are available in the organised department store, ready to be finished according to customer specifications.

The staining plant

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, our sophisticated staining system is one of the largest in Europe, with a production capacity of over 1.000 chairs per day, and guarantees an excellent finish.

The upholstery workshop

Long shelving houses our catalogues of the precious fabric archive and rolls of threads. The department is set up as a tailoring workshop, with the latest generation of machines and tailor-made patterns. The precision and attention to detail offer a top quality handcrafted finish.

Customer service

We are punctual in respecting the certification standards required both for the quality of the products and processes in the sector of use, and for the work environment, the sustainability of the production process and social responsibility. We guarantee delivery on time, all over the world. We offer a dedicated customer service, with constant assistance.

Social Responsibility Policy SA 8000
Ethical Code SA 8000
SA 8000:2014

When you are struck by the beauty of an object it happens that you don’t know where that attraction comes from. It appears suddenly, and that’s it. It is perceived, even if it is not always understood. Taste is a very personal fact, but the idea of ​​beauty is something indefinitely and tacitly shared beyond styles and categories.

Our design idea recognises creativity has the power to make a difference, to arouse emotions beyond rationality, even if included in the function of the project. Our collections are designed with a figure that mainly believes in the balance of shapes and refinement of the construction detail. A special ability to interpret and satisfy architectural and aesthetic needs recognises a special understanding with architects and interior designers who are looking for a partner in the Hospitality and Contract sector capable of finding solutions. Making a chair well also means being able to explain exactly how it is built and being able to design variants or create complex special finishes to order. We are like this, perfectionists by vocation. And our products are like us.


The constant commitment and attention to quality have guaranteed us the ISO 9001:2015 certification. Working with wood, we give the utmost importance to respect for nature, the environment and sustainability. For this reason, we only use wood that comes from FSC® (Licence Code FSC-C130903) and PEFC certified sustainably managed forests. Since we have the ambition to constantly improve our offer, we have also obtained the SA 8000:2014 “Social Accountability Management System”, and the ISO 14001: 2015 “Environmental Management Systems” certification.