Design: Maddalena Casadei

It is a wooden chair with and without armrests. All models are collectively stackable with each other. A chair physically and visually light while simultaneously wide and welcoming. The theme of comfort is central even without the padding. The project was born around the evolution of one element, the leg. The circular leg changes section as it rises until it crushes itself at the upper end. It tapers, slims and rotates to accommodate the backrest and armrests. A detail hidden under the seat enriches the construction: a cross that twists to meet the 4 legs perfectly perpendicular.

Low Resolutions
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3D Drawings
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Maddalena Casadei
ALTRI PRODOTTI DI Maddalena Casadei

Born in Forli. She graduates in Architecture at the University of Ferrara with experiences in Sweden and the United States. MA in Design at Domus Academy. From 2004 until July 2012 she collaborates with James Irvine, growing an international knowledge and vision. From 2017 she runs her on business setting her studio in Milan. Her design approach is based on a continuous personal interaction with clients, technicians… She focuses on product design, exhibition design and art direction. The art direction activity has led her to develop a personal vision and sensitivity towards the communication of products, often pushing her to deal with the concept of photo shoot sets. She teaches, as guest professor, in various Universities such as Ecal.